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What you need to know about the Acredius Ecosystem - Acredius

What you need to know about the Acredius Ecosystem

What you need to know about the Acredius Ecosystem

The Acredius ecosystem is designed to help businesses thrive by providing an innovative platform for growth and collaboration. We recognise the importance of balance and harmony in creating a thriving environment for enterprises.

As we see plenty of evidence in the natural world of how a balanced ecosystem benefits all participants, we are committed to replicating this success in the business world.

The Acredius ecosystem is built to leverage your business no matter what stage you’re in.

What is the Acredius ecosystem?

The Acredius Ecosystem combines creative pillars working together to reach a common goal — improving SMEs’ economic inclusion in the economy.

It comprises three main pillars:

An online marketplace lending platform that makes investors’ and borrowers’ needs meet in an unconventional, digital, intuitive, and safe environment.

A private equity fundraising pillar for promising startups and dynamic companies looking for an equity injection.

A growth strategy arm closes the loop of the companies’ journeys by supporting them pre-, during, and post fundraising or credit obtention.

Through its ecosystem, Acredius is committed to impacting people’s lives through the real economy and being one of the future leaders of innovation.

The recent launch of the private equity fundraising and the growth strategy pillars completed the ecosystem of Acredius. It has become more result-oriented and is ready to impact its customers positively.

Why do I need it?

The primary purpose of the Acredius ecosystem is to provide full-circle support to businesses of all sizes and levels. It represents a secure, intuitive, and digital marketplace that orchestrates the flow of supply and demand with excellent efficiency.

Acredius’ marketplace lending platform plays an efficient intermediary between companies seeking funding and investors. It helps bring their needs together in a safe digital environment.

The private equity fundraising pillar supports promising startups and dynamic companies seeking equity investments. At the same time, the growth strategy arm closes the loop of companies’ journey towards better business performance.

Additionally, the Acredius ecosystem allows customers to boost their businesses along different stages of their growth. It enables Acredius to support enterprises in their pre, during, and post fundraising while also providing excellent opportunities for investors to increase the return on their investments.

How does it work?

The intervention of the Acredius ecosystem can be in different stages, but how does that translate in real life?

The pre-fundraising stage is when a company needs a financial boost for its operations. Here, the Acredius marketplace lending platform can provide the opportunity to obtain a loan through this alternative way of financing.

The process is even more straightforward when put into practice — the business owner applies for a loan. The platform then takes it upon itself to assess the business using AI methodologies. As the assessment can be concluded in a matter of seconds, the borrower receives an instant loan offer. Once the borrower accepts the loan proposition and signs an online contract — the project will be uploaded on the platform, ready for the global pool of investors to invest in.

The second pillar of this ecosystem creates an additional way of fundraising for the company; it allows business owners to raise funds through equity. This means that they are willing to sell shares of their companies in exchange for funding. In this case, the owners are asked to present key documents about their companies, such as investor pitch decks, market analyses or previous performance reports. Soon after, Acredius will take matters into its own hands and match the company with the right institutional or private investors.

However, sometimes, business owners may not have the necessary documents to best portray their companies, such as pitch decks or a business plan. This may be due to different reasons — it could be a young startup at its early stages or short in staff or capital. This is where our third pillar, the growth strategy, comes in and compensates for this shortage. It can help companies get prepared to meet investors.

The growth strategy pillar commences by preparing the key documents, identifying the company’s nature, needs and horizons, and proposing an efficient company structure. It helps to launch a successful marketing campaign that elevates brand awareness, increases the quality of leads, and improves demand around new or existing products to increase profitability.

This pillar goes even more profound. It enables businesses to make better capital allocation and investment decisions while reducing costs. Its data-driven risk assessment can accurately determine the best growth and profitable investment choices. In other words, the variety of Acredius’ expertise is concentrated in a commercial offering, providing comprehensive support in different business areas.

To sum up, Acredius’ ecosystem is the overall plan to get your business from where it is now to where it wants to be in the future. It provides full-circle support to businesses in pre, during and post-funding. It also creates growth opportunities for businesses (via funding, debt or equity, and advisory) and investment opportunities for investors, debt and equity.

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