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Why Acredius ?

Creating a positive impact in the real economy is our mission. We execute this aspiration by establishing a lending marketplace.
We ensure optimal accuracy, based on a proprietary AI-enabled credit-risk assessment.
By investing via Acredius, you are literally changing the world!

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Instant offer

To receive an offer instantly, you will need to determine the loan amount and duration you need. Gather a few key documents and upload them on the platform to receive a loan offer

Quick process

By joining the Acredius platform, you can easily apply for a loan without needing to visit a physical branch or spend hours filling out paper forms. You expect the process to be quick and convenient

No hidden fees

We charge a fee of 1% on the loan amount requested per year of the loan duration. Moreover, registration is free, and no fees are charged before your loan amount is received

AI-powered assessment

The creditworthiness of your business. We look at your financial statements and your business's digital footprint to provide the most accurate metrics

No collaterals needed

We offer unsecured loans, meaning you do not need to provide any collateral to qualify. Our investors rely on your business's creditworthiness and ability to repay the loan to provide capital

The Acredius rating system

We take the performance of your business and translate it into trust signals
so that investors can make better decisions about funding you.

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1. Apply for a loan offer

Your company is registered in Europe and you need a financial boost. State the loan amount required and the number of months in which you would like to repay the loan.

2. Tell us about your company

Share some details about your business with us, along with your preferred repayment method. Take your potential lenders on a journey with you by describing your project and why you need the loan.

3. Get funded

Once your request is approved, your project will be published on our platform. Sit back and wait for our global pool of investors to invest in your project!


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