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Acredius welcomes Felix as the new Chief Technology Officer - Acredius

Acredius welcomes Felix as the new Chief Technology Officer

Welcom Fernando Felix to Acredius

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Felix Fernando as the Chief Technology Officer at Acredius.

Felix joins Acredius to spearhead the technical build-out of our ecosystem, bringing with him several years of Technology and Marketing Services experience.

To help introduce Felix to our community, we would like to present this interview with him – may his answers help you discover the guy we know!

Welcome, Felix! It’s so lovely to have you joining the Acredius team!

Thanks, it’s great to be here!

You have just joined us, so of course, we are curious about how you see the future with Acredius, but first, how the journey began?

It all started with an email sent by our CEO Ghassen BENHADJSALAH in April 2018. He was looking for someone to help with a project related to a technology platform that aimed to connect investors and entrepreneurs digitally.

Our collaboration expanded, and we worked on many other projects. The fit with Acredius was clear, and little did I know that after four years, I would be invited to assume the position of CTO.

Great! So what excites you about Acredius?

Undoubtedly, the opportunities that its rapidly growing marketplace provides for customers.

The possibilities for technological growth are virtually endless, as the strategy behind this project will make it possible to create a difference in the global SME market.

So now, regarding the position you assumed at Acredius, what milestones do you look forward to as a CTO?

There are several steps that we want to complete.

The most important is the growth of our development team, which will allow us to increase our delivery capacity! With this, it will be possible to add a series of novelties to the platform to increase the level of usability and engagement of users.

Integration with several strategic players is also on our roadmap, making our platform more robust and powerful.

Can you tell our readers how being a CTO at Acredius differs from previous roles?

In the last 20 years, I have managed technology teams, assuming different leadership roles. One dimension is the same in all of them – my desire to make it happen! Everyone has different needs, and different dreams and is willing to overcome various challenges. We have to guide them, and they will achieve extraordinary feats! My goal is to drive our development team to deliver the best experience to our users and take our company to the top of the digital universe.

What is your prediction on the future of marketplace lending and Acredius in the coming years?

With the rapid market growth of the SME lending market, the future looks bright for companies like Acredius. We must focus and align our growth strategy to make the most of this juncture. The future will involve integrating within partner platforms that will allow us to offer more insights to our customers. In the longer term, I believe we will come across new technologies to enhance our product offerings.

Thank you, Felix! Any last thoughts or words for the Acredius community?

Stay tuned. We are committed to accomplishing more and are only at the beginning of our journey!

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