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Acredius forms a strategic partnership with Women in Tech to provide a funding platform for women in STEAM - Acredius

Acredius forms a strategic partnership with Women in Tech to provide a funding platform for women in STEAM

Acredius and Women in tech

Acredius is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Women in Tech (WiT). This renowned global organisation promotes inclusion, diversity, and equity in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) disciplines. This collaboration signifies our joint commitment to empowering women, fostering financial inclusion, and catalysing sustainable economic growth.

WiT has emerged as a leading force in the global landscape, with a robust network of over 200’000 members representing diverse backgrounds, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, class, age, or sexual orientation. Its comprehensive approach encompasses four key areas: Education, Business, Social Inclusion, and Advocacy. Together with WiT, we aim to create meaningful opportunities for women to excel in STEAM fields.

As a pioneering Fintech platform, Acredius is dedicated to connecting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a diverse range of international investors. Our advanced AI and blockchain technology drive enhanced transparency and facilitate financial inclusion. While initially focusing on Swiss SMEs, our vision extends to supporting businesses and startups across Europe and beyond.

The partnership between Acredius and Women in Tech is underpinned by a shared commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech and finance industries. Our collaboration aims to empower women entrepreneurs, cultivate their confidence, and forge pathways to success in STEAM domains. This strategic alliance represents a significant leap towards fostering sustainable and inclusive economic growth, reshaping the landscape of technology and finance.

As part of our collaboration, Acredius is thrilled to leverage our crowdlending and equity crowdfunding expertise to support WiT’s vibrant community through our platform. By bridging the gap between female entrepreneurs and the investment world, we facilitate their inclusion in the finance and business sectors. 

Also, by leveraging the power of web3 technology, Acredius provides innovative alternative financing tools, including equity crowdfunding, to nurture and support outstanding business plans.

Anna Raafat, COO of Acredius, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are proud to collaborate with Women in Tech to advance our shared mission of promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech and finance sectors. By leveraging our platform’s capabilities and introducing innovative technologies like blockchain, we can work together to empower women and entrepreneurs, support European SMEs and startups, and promote sustainable economic growth.” 

Anna herself had the privilege of speaking at WiT’s Global Summit 2023, further cementing our collaboration and shared vision.

The alignment of Acredius and WiT within the blockchain ecosystem of Cardano sets the stage for enhanced collaboration and joint initiatives. Recognizing the profound impact of blockchain technology on transparency and financial inclusion, we are steadfast in our commitment to harness its potential. Through this partnership, we aim to drive positive change in the tech and finance industries, creating an environment that embraces diversity, empowers women, and ensures equal opportunities for all.

The strategic partnership between Acredius and Women in Tech marks a significant milestone in advancing diversity and inclusion. Combining Acredius’ fintech expertise with WiT’s global movement, we are poised to empower women, support entrepreneurs, and foster sustainable economic growth. Join us as we collectively shape a future celebrating diversity, equality, and opportunities for all in the STEAM fields.

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