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Elevate your enterprise with Acredius Equity Crowdfunding

Harness the power of collective investment to fuel your future

Set your goals

Define your funding target and pre-money valuation to tailor your campaign to your business needs.

Seamless fundraising application

Easily apply to raise funds up to EUR 5 million with our user-friendly platform. Just specify your project details and funding needs.

Secured transactions

Benefit from our secure digital wallet, ensuring transparent and safe transactions with advanced security features.

Transparent fee structure

Acredius applies a 13.5% success fee only when your funding goal is achieved.

AI-powered assessment

Utilise our AI technology for a comprehensive evaluation of your project's potential, based on financial data and digital footprint.

Ready to grow your business with equity investors?

Join Acredius and launch your Equity Crowdfunding campaign to connect with a network of worldwide investors. Unlock the full potential of your business by gaining not just funds, but also a community of supporters who believe in your vision. Our platform leverages advanced data analytics to showcase your business to investors who are eager to participate in your growth and success.
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Raise funds

1. Apply for a fundraising campaign

Is your company registered in the EU and seeking investors to scale up? Outline the equity share you are offering and the growth potential for investors.

2. Introduce your venture

Introduce your business, detailing your unique value proposition, market opportunity, and long-term vision. Engage potential investors by illustrating how their investment will contribute to your success.

3. Launch your campaign

Once approved, your campaign goes live to our global network of investors. Rally the crowd and watch as investments start to fund your business' growth.

Your guide to mastering equity crowdfunding

How should I set my valuation? What share class should I offer to investors? See our FAQs to help with questions.

We’ve got you covered!

Speak to our awesome team

Please feel free to leave us a message here or call us directly. Our expert support team is here to help you!

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