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Expanding a science-based strength training program - AurumFit - Acredius
Trebol Care GmbH

Expanding a science-based strength training program – AurumFit

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  • Project ID
  • Amount needed
    Є 95'000
  • Interest rate
  • Risk class
  • Loan duration
    48 months
  • Location
  • Industry
    Other service activities

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Project description

Trebol Core GmbH, a Swiss company operating fitness, wellness, and health centres, aims to expand its successful personal training studio, Strongfit, by adding an AurumFit location. AurumFit is an innovative fitness brand specialising in science-based high-intensity strength training using specially designed isokinetic biofeedback equipment. With the new AurumFit space becoming available adjacent to their existing studio, Trebol Core GmbH seeks financial support of CHF 95'000 at an interest rate of 13.22% over 48 months. The loan will equip and furnish the new location, provide staff training, and cover rental and operating costs.

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