Feeling the need – the Acredius story

The best businesses start out by recognising a need – and supplying a solution.

The idea for Acredius originated when Ghassen felt a need. Not, initially, for himself, but for the business angels and investors he was dealing in his job. As an engineer and actuary, he was dealing at the time with invoice financing and risk management. He realised that his clients were making many business decisions based on instincts and educated guesses rather than validated data. Investors were not fully informed about the risks associated with their investments.


Ghassen has always been an entrepreneur at heart. He formed the idea of building a tool that would inform investors about the creditworthiness of businesses using non-traditional data such as social media profiles, online presences and customer reviews. He soon found that in Switzerland access to microfinance or small loans is a significant hurdle, even – or especially – when it's for developing a new and innovative tool. The banking system appeared inordinately complicated and almost inaccessible. It seemed that Ghassen’s idea was not going to get off the ground.


But then he met Tareck.


A strategic consultant, Tareck is also an enthusiastic and forward-looking investor. Together, they realised that there were actually two needs that could be addressed by the same solution: a platform to make the connection between people needing finance for their new ideas and investors wanting to diversify their portfolios in as straightforward a way as possible.


Acredius was born. Together, Ghassen and Tareck founded the company.


But not without Nada. She is the lynchpin that holds the team together and makes it complete. As compliance expert, Acredius benefits from her extensive experience in legal questions and her administration skills.


All three strongly believe that making investment easier for investors and funds more accessible to people with good business ideas is one of the best ways of creating and maintaining a sustainable and thriving economy.

Acredius is a registered company based in Zurich, Switzerland.
Acredius technology provides accurate creditworthiness assessment.
The Acredius platform connects businesses in need of financing to a pool of investors.
Acredius was founded in 2017. All rights reserved.


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